Fun, easy ideas for your best family reunion ever

Call it a reunion or a weekend with the cousins. Big or small, we have great ideas to keep everyone entertained at your summer reunion! Whether you’re having the party here in Malvern, Doylestown or somewhere nearby, you’ll love these fun ideas.



Picture this!

Capture relatives in special shots that do all the framing for you. Before the clan shows up, paint a few large, inexpensive picture frames – the kind without glass or backing that can be held up to frame a selfie. During the event, place a sticker with a family’s name on the frame and start snapping away.

Timeline of family history

When did Aunt Betty come to America? How old is Cousin George? With this tabletop activity, you can collect answers to all those “when” questions. Tape a piece of butcher paper to a table and draw a long line that starts with a significant date (Granny’s birthday, say) and ends with the current year. Segment the decades with colorful tape. Encourage everybody to write or sketch in all the milestones — birthdays, weddings, graduations –plus other memorable events.

Day-in-the-life slide show

A month before the gathering, ask each family to take pictures of themselves going about their routines: waiting at the bus stop, practicing sports, gardening, resting on the couch after dinner. Text or e-mail them to a tech-savvy family member who knows how to turn them into a cool slide show that you can project at the reunion.

Have a banner day

Celebrate achievements — and inject a little healthy competition into the gathering — with a display of pennants earned during the event. Hang lengths of yarn on a wall or between trees, then stock a “victory station” with pens, paper, miniature clothespins, and card-stock pennants (assign each branch of the family a color or pattern). Then invite each family to decorate and pin up pennants to honor their various triumphs and cooperative moments: “Dominated at volleyball,” “Washed the breakfast dishes,” “Participated without irony in the family talent show.”

Name that relative

Genealogical badges make everybody’s connections relatively clear. Before the reunion, string card stock rectangles on lengths of yarn and set out labels and pens. As guests arrive, they can craft personalized nametags that show where they hang on the branches of the family tree.

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