Genius Tips for Shopping the Post-Christmas Sales like a Pro

We want to make sure you make the most of this year’s post-Christmas sales, so here is some advice to help you through this shopping season:

  • Swap your unwanted gift card in for cash
  • Go crazy buying clothes and accessories
  • Especially the winter merchandise
  • But remember the 5 % rule
  • Be aware of gimmicky deals
  • Ask for discounts


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Pre-Christmas, you shop for other people. Post-Christmas, it’s all you, baby. From that stunning leopard coat you’ve had your eye on all season to those pretty satin heels you’ve been dying to add to your wardrobe, December 26 is the time to finally treat yourself. Why, you ask? Most stores do major price cuts starting the day after Christmas in an effort to move leftover holiday inventory and make room for the incoming spring items. So today we’re sharing the top shopping hacks to ensure you score the best post-Christmas sale items.

Fun fact: Gift Card Exchange Day is an annual event on December 26. If you receive a gift card you know you’re not going to use, rather than letting it gather dust in a drawer somewhere, use Gift Card Exchange to swap it in for cash. You’ll take a serious hit (a $50 Madewell card went for $28 cash), but we figure some cash is better than nothing! Conversely, if you’re planning on making a purchase, you can buy a deeply discounted gift card from sites like Gift Card Granny. The influx of cards on the market post-holidays is likely to drive the gift card price down.

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