Seasonal winter salads

When we hear the word, salad, many of us may think of the vegetable or fruit salads of late spring, summer, and early fall. We imagine colorful creations full of fresh greens, tomatoes, peppers and other seasonal garnishes, or fruit salads with lots of berries and melons. Especially at this time of year, we often crave these warm-weather, long-day vegetables and fruits, especially as we shiver through cold days and even colder, long nights.


But you should take inspiration from the multiple possibilities of winter salads, which can be equally colorful and easily as delicious. With many using root vegetables and grains, winter salads can be enjoyed all through this cold season—or at any other time of the year. For that reason, maybe we should call them perennial salads.

Here are some ideas to help you beat the cold, winter blues:

Brussel Sprouts

This scrumptious root vegetable is remarkable for its elasticity. No longer the dreaded green that both kids and adults prefer to avoid, today it is a great favorite and can support delicious salads, as well as many other dishes.

Some salad ideas that you might consider making with Brussel sprouts include:

  • Kale and Brussel sprouts, with some tahini or some other tangy dressing. Kale can be raw or softened, while Brussel sprouts should be sautéed or baked. Add parmesan cheese for additional flavor.
  • Apple and Brussel sprouts, with candied walnuts. Apples should be crisp and tart, while Brussel sprouts should be sautéed or baked. If you are preparing this dish for guests with nut allergies, you can create a maple glaze for the Brussel sprouts.


Another underrated vegetable, beets are amazingly tasty when pickled or roasted. They have the added advantage of adding amazing color to any dish, and so make a fabulous base or addition to winter salads.

  • Roasted beet salad with goat cheese and walnuts is always a tasty combination, as is that same base with fennel and arugula instead of nuts.
  • Roasted beets with spicy carrots is another great combination. If you like the idea of purple with orange, but do not like carrots, you might consider beets with oranges.


Grains of all kinds are great bases for salads and available all year round. Salads with grains can be great not only as sides, but also as main courses, for carnivores and vegetarians alike.

  • Lentils are a wonderful grain, usable in many different dishes including soups, as well as salads. Consider using lentils as a base for a winter vegetable salad, then add baked sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts, carrots, and onions. A soy-based vinaigrette will help bring all these different flavors together. For additional texture, consider goat cheese.
  • Quinoa is another healthy grain, which is fantastic as both base and side. For a quinoa salad, you might also use some combination of sweet potatoes, Brussels sprouts, carrots, and onions. Also, consider adding spinach for additional color and flavor.

There is just no end of possibilities when you start making winter salads. If you have an event coming up this winter or spring, get in touch with us at Jerry’s Kitchen, which offers catering in Doylestown, Malvern, and throughout the broader Philadelphia area.


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