How to Dress Up Your Buffet Display with Help from Catering Companies

There are many tips that you can follow to create an attractive buffet display for presenting your foods. For example, a long, narrow table is often preferred so that guests can walk in a line and so that they do not need to reach far across the table to access foods. Generally, placing trays laden with food is sufficient with a long table design. In addition to the functional layout of the buffet table, also think about how you will dress up the display. Your Doylestown catering company as well as florist or others may work with you to create an attractive display, but you can keep some of these tips in mind.


Add Centerpieces

Centerpieces can be placed on every table, or in the case of a very long table, you may place two or three centerpieces equidistant apart. The centerpieces may be floral designs, statues, and pictures in some cases or even food towers. Generally, they will break up the rows of food platters in a fun or beautiful way, and they will add something decorative to the table in the process.

Use Attractive Serving Dishes

While the centerpieces will add beauty to the table, the serving dishes as well as silverware or utensils also will add to the tables’ look. They ideally should match the ambiance of the event closely. For example, using fine china or crystal ware for serving dishes at a casual affair may be too much, and using plain metallic serving dishes at a high-end function may also not be ideal. The theme and tone should match the event itself.

Think About the Spaces Between the Dishes

In most cases, it is not enough to simply lay down a tablecloth and place dishes and centerpieces on top. There will need to be space in between the dishes and centerpieces, and you can dress this space up to give it a finished look. It can be dressed up with everything from flower petals and clear glass beads to confetti for a more casual look.

Your King of Prussia catering professional may discuss with you how to dress up the food tables, or you may need to speak with your florist or other design professional about some of these ideas. All of the ideas can be pulled together in a creative fashion to ensure that the tables look amazing and that the food is well-presented.

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