35 Vegan Super Bowl Party Recipes

When one thinks of the Super Bowl, they typically think of all the wings and cheese-filled dips they are going to be eating. So, as a vegan, going to a Super Bowl party usually means a party filled with a whole lot of food that you cannot eat. Luckily, we have 35 recipes for snacks that would be perfect for any Super Bowl party!

  • Cheddar bacon dip
  • Polenta cornballs with easy spicy marinara sauce
  • Garlic parmesan tempeh wings
  • Sun-dried tomato sriracha hummus
  • Homemade potato chips
  • Artichoke olive tapenade
  • Miso cumin white bean hummus
  • Maple-glazed cinnamon roasted chickpeas
  • Mini skillet-grilled chili cheese burritos
  • Amaranth eggplant burgers with sriracha-tahini sauce
  • Mini roasted corn and white bean grilled cheese sandwiches with ancho chili cashew cheese
  • Chickpea sloppy joes
  • Cilantro avocado chickpea salad tacos
  • Jackfruit “tuna” melt
  • Mini BBQ soy curl taco bowls with pickles onions
  • Chickenless salad wrap
  • The Philly reuben sandwich
  • Sesame sriracha soy curl sandwich with spicy pickled cucumber salad
  • Falafel tacos with sriracha-tahini sauce
  • Buffalo cauliflower pizza with tofu bleu cheese spread
  • Pulled jackfruit chili
  • Nacho cheese tofu scramble enchiladas
  • Spinach artichoke soup
  • Hawaiian BBQ jackfruit pizza
  • Nacho potatoes
  • Three pea chili
  • Jackfruit enchiladas
  • Double-dipped chocolate-covered frozen bananas
  • Oatmeal cherry chocolate chip cookies
  • Brownie ice cream sandwiches
  • Caramel peanut butter marshmallow bars
  • Hot chocolate with peanut butter whipped cream
  • No-bake chocolate peanut butter tart
  • Oatmeal pumpkin pie bars
  • S’mores cookies


Photo Credit: keepinitkind.com

Ready to get your vegan game day party on? I know I am!

Just because it’s a holiday (it’s a holiday, right? Kinda?) that is all about indulging in classic American comfort foods doesn’t mean that you can’t do it up vegan-style. Here’s a bunch of my most favorite vegan Super Bowl recipes!

Read the full article and see pictures here.

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