Sunday, September 27th, 2015

@PhillyMag Has A New Restaurant Critic

Philadelphia’s restaurant world is buzzing over Philly Mag’s newest restaurant critic. Jason Sheehan will be the man we turn to with the question “Where should I eat tonight?”, and he is eager to give you the answer. He is so excited about this that he will be doubling the number of restaurant reviews Philly Mag releases a year by releasing weekly restaurant reviews posted on Foobooz!

He will keep you on your toes with the most up to date and trendy restaurants in Philly. Sheenan magnifies his main desire to highlight Philadelphia’s hidden jems or “hole-in-the-walls,” and by this, he is essentially spotlighting the hidden jem that is the Philadelphia food industry. Not only will the number of posts be changing, but the style of review will be changing too.

Everybody knows who Jason Sheehan is, so there is no level of anonymity. But, as Sheehan says, “If you’re bad at your job, a warning that you suddenly have to be good at your job for a couple hours is not going to save you.” Philadelphia’s lively antics can be a lot to handle for some, but Jason Sheenan seems fully prepared. His duties mainly entail navigating Philadelphia high and low to make for a vaster than ever archive of restaurant reviews. Philadelphia’s dining options are endless, and it is about time that more people recognize that.


Photo Credit: The Simpsons/PhillyMag

The good news is, everyone out there already knows the guy who’s gonna be taking on restaurant critic duties here at Philly mag and Foobooz because it’s me.

The bad news is, everyone already knows the guy, because it’s me.

Yup, you read that right. Starting tomorrow, I’m going to be Philly mag’s new restaurant critic, taking over for Trey Popp and turning my attention even more fully to the tangled, incestuous, ridiculous and awesome mess that is Philly’s booming restaurant scene. And my byline on the restaurant reviews is not the only thing that’s changing.
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