Saturday, December 8th, 2018 Basil Pesto
Attention all Basil lovers, here you will find the most popular uses and recipes for basil. From pizza toppings and sandwich spreads to dressings for potato salad. This recipe can be adjusted and changed by adding garlic for you garlic lovers, and even adding sautéed pesto in olive oil for ... MORE
Friday, December 7th, 2018 Sweet Potato Biscuits
Sweet potato biscuits are good on their own. But, they are even better when they have smooth honey butter topped on them. The first thing you will need to do is make the honey butter in a medium bowl. The honey and butter both need to be combined in order ... MORE
Thursday, December 6th, 2018 Hip-Flask Cocktails to Warm You This Winter
When you head out for your favorite outdoor activities this month, pack a flask filled with your favorite spirits. Here are some cocktail favorites to try. MORE
Thursday, December 6th, 2018 Basic Congee
Cooking congee is a relatively simple task. Congee, a white rice porridge is a common Asian dish found in many countries. The rice needs to be cooked for a long time in either water or broth. You can tell it is done when the rice breaks down into a thicker ... MORE
Wednesday, December 5th, 2018 Slow Cooker Butternut Squash Hot Apple Cider
Slow cooking is the best way to cook. Prep time usually takes around 5 minutes then you get to set the slow cooker and come back 4-8 hours later for a warm delicious adult drink. Butternut Squash Hot Apple Cider is a great treat on those cold days and takes ... MORE
Tuesday, December 4th, 2018 Chocolate-Raspberry Ice Cream
This vegan chocolate raspberry ice-cream consists of coconut milk, cocoa powder, sugar, and fresh raspberries. It's pretty simple to make as well. Simply cook all of the ingredients excluding the raspberries over medium-low heat. Whisk together the ingredients then remove from the heat and add the raspberries. Let the mixture ... MORE

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